Disney on Ice is Coming to Tampa

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Ice Skating.

I’ve been enamored with it since I was little.

I mean who isn’t fascinated by the beauty and fluidity of gliding figure skaters.


And then there is Disney.

EVERYONE loves Disney!

My kids can quote most Disney movies word for word. We are [...]

Field trip to SeaWorld



Living in Florida has it’s benefits.


Not the least of which is being able to frequent many of the amusement parks that most people only see once or twice in their lifetimes.


In fact, our local school often have yearly field trips to the parks. This year, Megan’s field trip was [...]

Toys R Us --In the News--April Showers Gift Card Giveaway

2014-04-03 In the News April Showers $100 ToysRUs Gift Card Giveaway

Although I’m not a generally a giveaway blogger, I like to occasionally bring you a giveaway that I would like to win myself. This $100 Toys R’ Us gift card definitely falls into this category.


I mean, who doesn’t love Toys R’ Us ?


Why not enter and while you [...]

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